일요일, 1월 29, 2006

Happy New Year!


2006 Happy dog year.. ( oops sound kind of weird )
Wish all your family & business be prosper!!

My new year fortune reading ( 토정비결) is best ever!!



Simple shapes creating beautiful Sweater..
It is Klaralund.

I made very minimum changes - lengthen it little to cover
booty & give little more warmth.
I am so much in love with pattern & yarns
- I want to make couple more in different colors.


Pattern : Klaralund from Noro Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book 2
Yarns : Noro Silk Garden 204



Have I been selfish?
Have I been hurting anyone intentionally or unintentionally?
Have I wanted others to approve of me before I try to understand them.

Have I truely cared for others?

가슴이 뭉클하면서도.. 반성하면서도..
나 스스로 먼저 실천하지 못하는것..

왜 먼저 행동으로 옮기기는 내가 손해보는 듯하고..
행동을 하면서두 사례를 바라는 ..

목요일, 1월 26, 2006

Good start.

Little preview of things to come soon,,
I could not wait to show up my first FO on 2006
and Here it is..
Can U Guess???


Happy Chinese new year!!!
질문 질문!
구정에두 떡국 먹어야하나요???

화요일, 1월 24, 2006

Book Sale


Everyone has weak knees on something..
some are Chocolate, Some are shopping, and Some are booze and women.



Doesn't matter what kind..
When I smell beautifuly bound anything in book form..
I gotta go and see it, touch it, and smeeeelllllll it
Even When I visit Costco, - while Ddong2 busy shops our shopping list,
I stay around book section & drool over all the books..
Doesn't matter whether books is good or not.
Whenever we go out & see book store,,,
I have to at least stop by to see what they have..and buy coffee at least.

I been trying to cut down all books & yarn shopping.
- because my wallet been quite empty and we are planning big trip
this summer.. I gotta save save save!!

But when I saw this.. I could not resisit..
Aahh curse U interweave, Rowan, and Phildar!!!!

월요일, 1월 23, 2006

Turtleneck Shrug

Another genius Teva Durham's pattern from Scarf Style.
and This is last photo of my Finished Knitting on 2005 & Christmas Knitting.

I have presented couple more to happy receipients
.. but forgot to take photos..

Am I going to do this big "Give knitted christmas gift"?
I really doubt it..
May be one or two person..
for Special occasion..
in very easy and simple pattern with great yarn..
but never would I put myself on Knitting 3 months frenzy..



Here you go
Turtleneck Shrug in Peace fleece..
Color in this pics are little weird..
It was originally beautiful red orange color.

Peace fleece was little rough side .. but got much better
after blocking - and have big faith that It will get much smoother
after careful couple washs.

Thanks Mi for pictures!!!

아.. 드디어 2006!!
벌써 새로운 몇가지를 시작했는데..

오랫동안 끌어왔던 똥똥의 스웨터.. 조금 작을까봐
짜면서두 슬슬 걱정이 되는데.. 밥을 안먹이는 경우밖에는
스웨터를 몸에맞출수 없을것같다..

얼마전부터 fair isle을 하구싶었는데.. 진정 나는 다음단계의 뜨게질을 할수 있을까??
준비된 knitter인가?
무엇부터 tackle하는것이 테크닉두 마스터하면서 아름다운 결과를 낼수 있을까..

뜨게질이 이토록 심각한 자기반성과 새김을 불러올줄이야..

Scarf Cowl

Another Christmas Knitting

For : My Sister In Law - Kasey..
Pattern: Scarf Cowl from Free KnitPicks Pattern
In: Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in Ice

Easiest Knitting ever.. Simple pattern, Fast to Knit, Easy gliding soft to hand yarn..
and Good little gift for Baby caring busy mom.


깜빡 잊어 버리고 Kasey가 혼자 있는사진을 안찍어 왔다..
이런 이런..
아~ 뭐야~

선물이 넘 성이 없이 쉬운거 패턴 아니냐구?
그러게.. 가장 마지막에 짠거라.. 시간의 촉박함으로 어찌할수 없었다..
그래두 결론이 좋으면 된거 아닌가?? 이뿌잖아!

목요일, 1월 12, 2006

Does it really work??

While I was visiting my In-laws,
I been eating 4 meals a day & watching Korean
satellite TV nonstop.. Up until I was quite confused
Whether I am living in Korea or US..

4 channels, 24 hours nonstop Korean broadcasting
even including real Korean commercials -
nothing like local supermarket AD shot with Video camera
but real commercial.

After about 4 days of quite getting comfortable with
whole experiences,


We saw this commercial..

dancing ufo



First, I thought it was a jock..
you know the kind similar to SNL commercial..
Product AD - Bogus but quite possible it exists somewhere
in the world.. But you will never buy one.

While we laugh at it's stupidity & hilarity,
found that my Father in law actually bought this

Of course.. Me & Ddong2 wore this in turns
play with it about 2 hours..

Dancing UFO

It is not easy as it looks..
and thinks you can actually serious work out -
because you have to bounce around to make this
shining UFO things to move a bit..

Two knitted animals for BellBell


It is repeat from another bunny I knitted for
my friend Brian & Reena on September.
But this time, white bunny have a friend soot elephant.

BellBell is little too young to play with dolls..
but she seems to enjoy beating & throwing.


If you gonna knit this Lovable toys from LMK book,

Please beware that even though they said you need
2 skein of alpaca yarns for Elephant -- you might run short
as me ( Can you see I have used other yarn for inner ears??).

Other thing..
I recommend using other & lighter grey color for Elephant..
Blue sky alpaca was little too dark -- and baby seems
not relay to anything darker than light brown..

Elephant had to bear harsher kicks & beatings..

화요일, 1월 10, 2006

Ene's scarf for Grandma

While I been lazy blogging on end of 2005,
Busy knitting Christmas gift for family..

Now finally I can show up all wonderful result
with recipient's smiling face.


Today : Ene's scarf for Ddong2's grandma

As I have hoped, grandma loved scarf's sparkly pink yarn.
whenever she went out while I was there, she wore my scarf..
Love you grandma!!!

월요일, 1월 09, 2006

Bobble U-neck

Finally some knitting pictures.

I have finished this Loop D Loop's Bobble U neck quite a while ago..
( about 2 months ago)
- but never had any good chance to take pictures.


Wasn't sure where to wear this somewhat quarky creation.
( is it making me look fat? what about overwhelming knitting
community's hatred reaction on anything bobble - especially extra large size)

,Unusually warm weather here in Southern CA prevented me wearing this out
( can U believe i'm still wearing in January tanktop & flipflops daily?)

and my lazy photographer ( aka hubby Ddong2) was too busy
safely migrating our new neighbor - posum - yuk!

wanted to be little more creative..something more fun..
no more pictures in front of white staircase wall...


you like the picture?
me at target with motorized tools!!

버블 유 넥..
직역으루 ' 버블모양 이 마구잡이 붙어있는 알파벳 유 목파짐의 조끼'

다음에 혹 또 이 패턴을 짤경우가 있다면..
조금더 길게 짜구 허리의 들어감을 없애서 아주 짧은 미니스커트길이로
바지나 치마위에 레이어로 입을수 있게하는것이 좋을것 같아...
그리구 실두 좀더 심플한걸루...

난 맘에 드는데.. 어때??

일요일, 1월 08, 2006

Happy New Year - a Week late!

New year at Maryland

Happy new year!!!

After I married a Maryland boy, I usually visit my In-Law's once or twice a year..

This year we have visited during New Years week..
Because we can spend Sul ( Korean way of saying new year) and to kill two birds with a stone
- celebrate nephew BellBell's first birthday..

I wanted to see snowing Baltimore..
Beautiful barren tall trees covered with snow flowers..


never knew this year would be unusually warm..
Whole time I was there,, it was raining..
No More Drizzling..

I had great time
Visiting DC and Georgetown,
Finally,, tasting Bucketful of Maryland blue crabs,
Enjoy beautiful bellbell's smile and beg for her kiss
( never succeeded receiving one ) ..

and gain 5lbs...........
I call it East coast indulgence weight!!!!