일요일, 7월 31, 2005

Acorn Cami

No more slacking off..from uploading pictures.

After another crazy week full of drama from work..
My body just could not hold up anymore..
after I came back from shooting friday, I felt little sore throat & fever.

I had to take a day of total rest -
do nothing just sleeping, eating, and reading ( hehe harry potter book) ..
Thank's to Kye & wonderful pot of curry,
I did not have to worry about cooking, cleaning , and any other house chores that I been neglecting about a week and a half.

Here it is..

Acorn Cami -
Knitted in Cashmerino pink color ( Left over from Entralac baby blanket ).
I have finished it about a week ago - and wore once already.
When I visited Unwind (yarn store at Burbank) to get some yarn -

Yes.. I have purchased more yarns..
First I was visiting WB right next to yarn store..
Second they sent me 20 percent off coupon for my birthday.
Can you blame me???

- owner of unwind gave me great compliments on Cami
Love you stephanie~~~~~

Love cami..

even though I sweated like a pig when I wore this
I blame all on weather - it was 105 degree not on my choice of yarn.

it is kind of big - so I have to wear it with additional laying cami inside to be decent.

except this -- I think I will actually wear this out..

acorn cami
Yes.. I did lots of photoshop job on this pic.. reason? read below

I always suspected this..
My hubby have serious problem of shaking hands..
He thinks it is due to camera
( yes I admit it has small button for his stubby fingers)
but to get this 4 picture of at least little bit decently focused pictures..
he had to take about 50 and more picture of horrible - non recognizable pictures..

If you have same camera - Fuzi finepix Z1,
or problem of shacking hands.. please tell me what I need to cure this problem..


I can't change husband ..
I have only him who can take pictures in middle of the night when I finished project
or sudden urge that I need to take another pictures of wonderful knitting creation on me..

화요일, 7월 26, 2005


I got a sudden project last weekend & been busy..
Even on my birthday too!!!
will be busy till early next week.....


Telling you I'm real busy!!! & Working really Hard!!!!

Now on blocking Board~~~~


sorry.. short one today! gotta run!!

금요일, 7월 22, 2005

Early Birthday Feast

Dim Sum! Dim Sum!

I been craving & crying out Dimsum quite a while..
Finally today We were able to drag our lazy asses to Downtown Chinatown
in the name of Early birthday feast's sake.

Yes! I know today is Friday..

We did not play hookie from work at all
My 똥똥 finally decided to take 2 days off this weekend
-- after numerous attempts to set up the date to fit my schedule...
He finally said
" That's it.. I will just make up my mind & have mini summer vacation despite You can't"
and My meeting is not till 4:30 today

Thank's a lot!

free advertisement for restaurant

My trusty felted bag~~~~~~

When we arrived at the restaurant..
We did not have to wait at all
( never done once when I visited dimsum restautant.)
& Happily start stuff ourselves..

Yum Yum~~

Do I look happy enough???

Hi everyone...
Our portrait.~~
Happy summer...!

I have intentionally chosen blur photo for
'He who refused to be taken picture & be on line at all..'


Knitting News.

Acorn Cami is coming along good..
I will update progress this weekend.. when I start to do front breat sections.
Also.. New yarns my dad got from Korea..

If you haven't checked Wendy's Knit & Tonic yet, Please do so.. I was laughing so hard.. almost fell off the chair.

수요일, 7월 20, 2005

Pasadena Knitter group

Today was meeting day for Pasadena Knitter group..

I have registered on their Yahoo group quite a while ago, but today was actual first meeting I have attended.
Even though I was really nervous meeting new knitters near where I live - and first ever meeting with any one knit...
I have to say
it went really well...

Every one was really nice & friendly - and I had fun!
Finally I can show someone what I knit!

As I have expected,,,,
average groups age was much higher than I am...
I felt like a kid in the group.

Thank you everyone~~~

If you are living near southern california..

Fiber fest will be on August!

I already asked Minni to go with me!!
Even she refused me & said I am a knit dork - but I really don't care..
I will drag her to wonderful world of fibers!!!!


일요일, 7월 17, 2005


오랜만에...그유명한 지식검색창을 이용 이리저리돌다..
어쩔수 없이 궁금한탓에.. 엠비씨를 돌아봤지~~~
이럼 안돼는데.. 재미없게 스토리알구 보면...

하지만 궁금한걸 어떡하오~~~


잘생긴줄은 알았소만..
진짜루 잘생겼소..

이런 아들하나 나면 소원이 없겠소...


Because I wrote it down in Korean...
I was trying to put some traslation of the post - using google translate..

and this is how it turn out

First.. it does not make sense..
Second.. it cracks me up ...
If you can read & understand above Korean..
You will know what I mean.. hehe


Cracked Translation of above Korean


Only it is old... use Iri it goes round that knowledge search window which is a famousness like that..
e ccel Possibility in without anxious blame.. eym It goes round the rain Sea, pwass ci ~~~
It is like this it does not become, the place.. There is not a fun and when su the toe li egg nine it sees...

But it is anxious, it will hang, e rice cake afternoon ~~~


It is good-looking, it will decrease the egg ass the smallness bay..
Realness lwu well lifestyle kyess smallness..
Be an art...

When like this son one it is born, Sowon eps keyss smallness...


Once upon a time...
When I was young - living in Korea,
Every saturday night was dedicated to Watching Movie on TV.
Movie show's Name was Classic movie on Saturday night.
( 주말의 명화 - MBC인거같아...).

I believe first time I ever saw anyone kissing, suki suki, murder, betrayer, violence, and anything that might bring horror to parents....
learned watching so called classic movie show.
( probably 90 percents are hollywood movies.. Thanks American Cinema,, Teaching me meaning of life!)

One movie I remember is Miracle..
Not sure whether american title is Miracle too though..

Story is One women ( trainee to be nun - don't know what they are called)
falling in love with some military man & later believe that he got killed in war..
She lost her meaning to live & wander around - meeting all sorts of different men
- who gets all killed or seriously injured..( what a life 도화살이다..)
....after all troubles.. she goes back to church.. and become nun.. kind of story..

After I wrote it down.. and read what I wrote..
This movie sounds really suck though..

I needed a miracle..

I believed higher being will make everything OKAY &
make my creation turn out wonderful..
I believed he will send fairy or something ( haha knitting fairy)&
change errors even though I knew that I made serious ignoring of pattern chart..

If nothing of above happens... as I said before..
I seriously believed that
it is only at the back & my beautiful booty will compensate errors..

Oh boy.. what was I thinking

I had finished Back of the Acorn cami... 2 days ago..
As soon I finished.. I fold it up tight ..
and try not to think of already finished section...
because I wanted to start front & finish this project...faST!

But Last night ........

I was suddenly possessed with obsessive compulsive control freak side of me & before I realize..
I was unfolding back part..


I confess..

I knew this is coming..

Here it is..


Clearly.. it is lopsided..
I don't know how to describe it... it is just wrong..

Close up shots..

First: Left
crying left
oopsi.. where is wiggling line go..

Second :Right
crying right
where this giant bump from??

Before I send Back section to Kye's frenzy unraveling & unknitting spree..

I had to take pictures..
Me crying with Wonderful creation...





OSW2 ( One Skein Wonder 2 )

I can't trust Kye..with camera..
All pictures he took of me -- are fuzzy & shaken..
He seriously have problem of controling shaking hands ( 수전증이야~~~~~)
and focusing on correct part..


I wore new OSW to visit to Costco today ...
and He took half ass effort pictures of me...



Pattern : Glampyre's OSW
Yarn : Cascade yarn Quatro #9433
Modification : NONE.. I'm still struggling follwing clearly written direction...
Dame it!

Translate some korean in this page

목요일, 7월 14, 2005

Am I Laughing?? NO!

While I was surfing web... I came across with this NY post pics.

First.. I was laughing on each offences..



Haven't I done couple of these things myself already???
Some unintentionally,, some in the name of fashion..
May be I've done all of these..


YO huh???


I been knitting Acorn Camisole from Interweave summer 05 Mag.. couple of days..
Because it wasn't first lace pattern I ever knitted, I was confident that I could graduate simple stitches & do little more complicate patterns..

oh boy.. did I think wrong..

After many trials & problems.. I finally figured out what was wrong with me.
It's all about YO.

Even though I have expert knitter near me ( My mama!!),
I taught myself all about knitting using SnB books & Vogue knitting.
Reason was --
Mama learned from Japanese method almost 40years ago ( she could not understand all american knitting lingo) and she was too busy and tired from work to hand feed me.

When I was knitting this Acorn thing, one pattern repeat have to be only 16..
but after I followed direction, it turns out to 18!
Also, when I tried to knit Wrong side, pattern have to be started 1 stitch earlier than right side's pattern end..

what's wrong with you!!


then, I figured out all problem comes from my misunderstanding YO!
YO means just doing YO not accompany with knit or purl next stitches!

this is what about knitting says

YO (yarn over) is an increase that results in a little hole or eyelet being formed.
Bring yarn over (away from you) and then under the right hand needle so that it is looped around the needle. Purl or knit the next stitch as called for in the pattern, bring the yarn that it is looped around the needle through the stitch.

but When I read SnB, I got all confused..

The Yarn over
To make a yarn over between two knit stitches
knit the first stitches, then bring your yarn to the front between the two points of your needles.with the yarn still in front, instead of in back where it usually is while knitting, knit the next stitches.

Is this means YO & Knit together???

Is it Yo means knit together or not together!!

Anyway.. From experiments,
it seems like YO is just moving yarn opposite of stitches require to do..
Here's the result... much smoother, easier, cleaner ...


I should unknit bottom part .. but I am not planning to..
hoping no one will noticed these when I wearing cami -- because it will be back & near my tiny booty!


While I was visiting Joann store..
Empty lot right next to store was filled with farmer's market vendors..
Never knew there was farmer's market in the city I live in!
I was hoping there is Tamale vendor ( like the one on Robertson).. but no luck..
Instead I picked up these wonderful peaches!!

Yum yum

월요일, 7월 11, 2005

Thank you!!

2 more days for current project to finish...
I can't wait to have long hours and hours of sleep.

Thank you for all your help this weekend..Girlfriend!
You know that I love you!!!!

It isn't me! even though she kind of looks like me~
She is My best friend Minni Posing for me

목요일, 7월 07, 2005


London, our prayers are with you.....

점점.. 사람 사는것..

다른 이념과 이상에.. 너무나 손쉽게 너와 나를 가른다는것..

수요일, 7월 06, 2005


I am soooooo tired.....
Work Work Work...aarrggg

I feel all my muscles are aching and screaming~~~
So out of shape...

Right before I go to bed.. I could not resist uploading these pictures.
Late birthday present for Kye...( Sorry baby T.T )

Background story on this present------------

I think it's been about a month.. When we were watching Korean comedy..
One comedian was flashing this & as soon Kye saw it,
" I want that!"

My dorky hubby wanted this & I actually found this while I was shopping for job -- and could not resist grabbing.
First word he input.. FURBALLROLLS.--and my trusty Digital camera was all ready.

Fun belt
I see only fur... Back looks pretty archaic though

Me with Pink santa hat...
Whip it out in 30 minutes.. of course for work

Pink Hat
What's up with Sunglasses at night? ^^;

I'm gonna sleep now..

월요일, 7월 04, 2005

New look

Happy 4th!!!!
Yeah!!. What have I done today??
for whole weekend, I been working & doing researches for work - and today been planning for next week..
Sucks huh??

Except that, I been obsessing about changing look of My weblog.. Customizing..
I wanted to put my banner ( Thanks to Min's little logo of me - Check out footer below for banner I whipped out) and custom tiles.. But I haven't had much luck --- even Min's been working for hours last night to figure out.

Here's tile..
Yeah.. I am seriously regretting that I haven't study html...more

and banner

aahhh.... well..

Here I am pulling my hair & almost killing labtop

Can anyone help?????

Customizing wasn't only reason I was loosing sleep over... another problem was This!

Acorn Camisole - from Interweave Knit summer 2005 issue

It is not because of pattern itself.. everthing is from lack of my knitting skill..
I haven't worked intricate lace pattern much..and I still have problem understanding pattern chart..
I had to knit & unknit about 5 times to finally get this few rows of patterns..

new project

Was I too ambitious??
I think it is about time I graduate from simple stockinette stiches.. Don't you??

Another fun project I have started is Corkscrew scarf from Loop D Loop book.
I am delaying this one because I wanted to figure more complicated Acorn first..

extreme close shot .. looks like a weird hairy animal ,, heh

Light blogging for next week expected... Because I would be extremely busy , tired, bitchy, whinny, and forgetful.....
bye~~ for a week