화요일, 2월 28, 2006

Real Gold Medal!!!


I have claimed my Big gold medal from
Knitting IOC..
& gonna put this permanently on my sidebar.

If you haven't received one - who deserving Knitters
Go to YarnHarlot's

I loooooooooooooovvveeeee it

Where are thou DS lite

One of my obsession about a year ago was


Katamari Damaci

If you don't have PS2 or game
or too lazy to hook it up on TV..

When you have plenty of time to waste..
Here for your pleasure

Click picture above for link

It is now available on line for your play..

After Knitting olympic, I have started 2new projects.
( you can see what they are on the right hand sidebar )


But currently I am too much occupied with This beauty
Checking news & updates every day.. no more like minute

I will be busy doing this until I have my hands on ..
( yes.. I have preordered it from Japan) real one..
Nothing can bother me..

I can't do anything.. too excited
even dreaming about it..playing it..
Please Mr postmen.. Come early..


Update on March3rd

Well my wish for safe journey of DSlite to my eager embrace from HongKong
Shattered today.
I knew it was coming....
But It really happened..
Importers are increasing price - but still no stock..

only a few lucky Japanese got their hands on
after Long night...


WHY Nintendo!!!!!!!!! WHY!!

토요일, 2월 25, 2006



제20회 토리노동계올림픽이 막바지에 달한 26일 새벽(한국시간)
이탈리아 팔라벨라 빙상장에서 열린 쇼트트랙 남자5000m계주 결승에서
금메달을 차지한 한국의 송석우, 이호석, 오세종, 안현수, 서호진이
시상대에 올라 환호하고 있다./진성철/올림/빙상/
2006.2.26 (토리노=연합뉴스) zjin@yna.co.kr (진성철)

언젠가.. 들은적 있다..
한국사람들은 꼭 평소에는 호응없다가 큰 게임이 있을때만..
다른나라와 competition이 있을때만 국가를 부르짖는다고..

하지만 외국에 살고있는 나같은경우..

특히 진한 앙금이 남아있는경우..
누가 뭐라구 해도 가슴떨리면서.. 때로는 거친단어를 써가면서
응원을 하게된다..

진정으로 축하해요..


Here I present to you

Norwegian stocking done by Furballrolls..


come little closer~~~



It was great experience.
I developed love for fairisle overcoming fear of colorwork.

As like real athlets,
I have questioned my ability first-
enjoyed it's biginning-
cry in the middle & sidetracked by temptation-
Finally bring myself to joy of accomplishment..

Can U see tear in my eyes??

Enjoy sexy stockings photos in yard work..
Good norwegian1

Good Norwegian

토요일, 2월 18, 2006

D9 - Sacked!

Do you see little Knitting Olympic ticker color?
It has changed Fron soothing green to warning yellow
when time goes by.. little more
it will turn scary red..

Until it turned yellow today,
I was extremely confident
that I could knit another knitting olympic entry sock in time
- without counting the fact that I might have to work weekends
& long hours next week.. :-(

How conceited I was?
Here is the proof..

I have used my precious D7 & D8 to finish long delayed
Husband Sack sweater
and started 2 more new projects...

sack sweater front
Pattern : from Stitch & Bitch sack sweater
Yarn : Rowanspun Chunky - Greenwater
Modification : made it little bigger & longer to fit
husky men - even though I underestimated..

After All complains & pouting lips-
complain lists
before I have finished :
sweater taking too long to knit, why I never knitted anything for lovely hubby,
while I was knitting:
It seems too small, around arm circum seems too small
after I finished:
it beeing to itch, back is riding up little bit

sack sweater back

I finally done it..&
even though he complains..
he's been wearing sweater over 10hours today.

I call it Victory!

Now back to Norwegian!!

수요일, 2월 15, 2006

D4,D5,D6 - One done & One more to go

A Ha!
Lovely One sock photo..


As soon I did calf shaping.. rest of the sock was
done in a breeze...

Only complain??
My sucky pick up & knit tbl job..


Who's gonna look at my ankles right??

잘~~ 보면 뭔지 알것인데~~
난 아무말두 못해요..
4월달까지는 아무말두 못해요..

짝짝 짜짜짝 ! 대한민국!!
오늘 멕시코를 이기기를!!

일요일, 2월 12, 2006

D3 - Ma! Look! Two Yarns

Mood : ooh lala..

Knitting away..
Done calf shaping without problem
Due to my petite size.. I can do lesser
pattern repeat than book suggested.

box method
I am using box to guide my yarns seperately
& avoid tangling - and it works pretty good!!!

Before I started knitting stocking, I have researched what would be
best way to hold yarns...
& this is what I settle..
2 yarns in right hand method..
two yarns

I'm doing pretty good except
keeping gauge correctly..


can you see?
I'm clearly knitting more & more loose.
pattern size looks quite different ..
comparing first line - to last
Do you think blocking will solve the problem??

토요일, 2월 11, 2006

What 500 visitors?

Do you have many visitors on your blog?

I have close friends, families - and my new knitting blog friends
visit this blog..

Usually I have about 10 visitors ~ 25 visitors a day..
( If stats counter is correct)
and happy when I see new friends visits me &
kindly comments on my knittings & share thoughts

I don't write anything fancy..or deep..

Just about me, Ddong2, knittings and sillies..
in my horrid spellings and grammer..

When I found out I had over 400 visitors on friday..
I could not figure out what is going on..
was it blogger had some error?
Was it only me?
What is really going on???????


이러시지 않으셨잖아요~~~


Very nice visitor Sarah told me & Also I figured out last night
Why I had so much visitors..

Fig & Plum - one of my constant knitting inspiration
quoted my red bamboo orangina on her weblog.
(don't forget to check her amazing elenor scarf)

cool & kind of embarrasing too..


D2 - Death of Fridge San

When I woke up today,
I was all warmed up & ready to tackle Norwegian!

Happy that I could knit whole day without any interruption
( no work for this weekend - how perfect is it!)
I could knit until my butt hurts & can't move my legs !!

while I was happy knitting & surprised how wonderful fair isle knitter I am ;P
( Tell U - Training really works)

DDong2 calls me - first I ignore him..
( I can pretend I did not hear him..
because I was really really concentrating)

Then, secondtime.. I hear urgency in his voice..

When I went downstairs..
This is what I found

RIP - Circa 1992

My already ailing fridgesan - decided to dye on me TODAY..


He puked black smokes all over .. Taking anything perishable with him..

I will be eating cup noodles for 3 days until new fridge delivers..


It actually looks pretty good huh?
Don't forget to check out awesome knitting Olympic timer right hand side
courtesy of wonderful anny

Thank you so much Anny~~~~~~~~~

D1 - Get, Set, Cast On!



Caldron is lighted..
& I did cast on

It was a long wait..

Yumm Yarns!!!!

When I casted my knitting olympic entry..
It was pass 12:00AM
I was too tired to start knitting..

Well I could start tomorrow ..

All ready for Tomorrow!

수요일, 2월 01, 2006


I'm Olympian..
Yeah Knitting Olympian.

I been considering whether I should participate Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympic. Am I able to dedicate myself for 16 days in a row..
Can I undisturbed and fight for other temptation
- then knit only one project that will challenge me?
Can I knit in spirit of Olympian - Citius/ Altius/ Fortius

I finally decided participate with entry of
beautiful Nancy Bush's Norwegian stocking..

Now I need to do some training..
serious knit training

Venus Crystal Power, Make-up
달의 이름으로 너를 용서치 않고 기필고 성공하리라!

Power Up!
One side - sock knitting with fingering weight yarn
the other side - fair isle practice..

It looks pretty good from about 5 feets away..
but close look reveals


I need more training..

When Am I gonna be like Master Eunny!!

After hard training..
I need some sweets
Yumm Yumm

Little pat on my ass~~~ from Famous Porto Bakery

A little more


I'm only one sleeve away from completing Ddong2's sweater..
I will bet this won't fit him without serious blocking..
but whoever thought he would gain so much weight!
I blame all to him..
Not me..

What zodiac are U?

When you visit Chinese restaurant,
They give you great Jasmin tea, some munches with plum sauce,
and chopstick you can practice while you are eagerly waiting real food..

sometimes.. When you are lucky..
They have hu·mon·gous Aquarium thing with fish that you don't know or can't imagine name,
and afraid it might come out in your dream..
some artifacts or Chinese dolls that are always interesting..

but my favorite is those handy dandy chart of zodiac sign..
you might seen the one with 12 animals with story of what their traits,
which other animal will pair with you ideally,
and what year born are assign to these animals..

When I visited local Chinese restaurant..
I was happy to find they have renewed their chart -
adorn with cute characterized illustration..

Happy reading.. Then BaM!
Realization hit me.. I'm middle aged..
Chart listed year starting 50's, 60's 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's


3마리의 돼지를 위하여 아자 아자 아자!