화요일, 10월 25, 2005

Thank you DDonG²

My DDonG² and my first collaboration AfterEffect project..

Yes.. We know it isn't perfect.. but if you consider it is his first project
and especially done for me.. It is awesome!!!

Love U.. and Love this!!!

월요일, 10월 24, 2005

Halloween soon..

Very Otaku but I love it ...
Not that I will do it myself..
but Love to see how dare & crazy people can be
and amazed by their all costume making skills..

Pic from F***** Otaku

But this one..
Is so wrong..in every aspect..
My beloved Pikachu and Card Captor Sakura ...
I hate anyone who criticising sweat and tear stained creation..
but boys.. this is unacceptable!

Happy Halloween D-6 everyone!!

일요일, 10월 23, 2005


나같은 freelancer의 문제점.

일하는 동안에는 언제쯤 놀수있을까
손꼽아 기다리며.. 끝나면 할일들을
매일 계획하구..

한 2주일 client에게서 전화가 안오면
어떻게 밥먹구 사나 걱정시작..

적당히 일하는것이 가장 좋다~~~

이번주의 나!!

토요일, 10월 22, 2005

4 new knitting books I want!!

I been drooling over these 4 books..

I been restraining my fingers unconsciously pushing 'add on cart' button because of my empty pocket..
Now it seems like I would be able to finally purchase these books on December!!! - which translate to I would be busy working & less blogging and knitting on November.


Rebecca Special Magazine No.2 Super-Kid-Mohair

Noro Yarn - Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book 2

Jaeger Yarn Pattern Book 29

Knitting Vintage Socks

금요일, 10월 21, 2005

I want it , I want it

While doing research for work yesterday, I found
brand 'Twinkle' have
Very Glampyre like sweater & vest in chunky yarn
I love it Love it Loveeeee it!
but Not gonna buy it in this price tag of Whoping $300
May be I can Knit this..

Match Made in heaven - If you have a makeover!

Ken is revamping looks soon to get back barbie from Aussie Blain..
but is it possible??

Sista Ken

화요일, 10월 18, 2005

Have I been Knitting??

I been bad knitter this week..
My usual dose of at least knit hour and half a day been seriously distracted by
These 2 things..

One : Samurai Manga..
I don't know where is fascination from..
but I love any big blade swishing samurai like mangas..
like Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Deeper Kyo, even though not really samurai but with big swordInuyasha and Samurai Champloo Anime...

Last week I have discovered not only one but two new mangas & I was too busy reading at night..
and compromise knitting time..

Vagabond & Bleach

Highly recommended these two..
Vagabond can be quite gruesome - but beautiful artwork..and deep storyline..
Bleach is fun.. But sometimes little bit harder to understand due to bad translation..

Second reason is This!


It is secret!!
I will show & tell soon~~~
Probably in about 2 weeks it will be finish.

My neglected knittings..
at least I have finished first chart on Ene's scarf~~
It is for someone who Loves Pink & Sparkle..
Hope she likes this one.... For Christmas


and New knitting -- ( after putting blackberry aside)
Turtleneck Shrug..
another for someone I love..


I need to buy bamboo DPN or find some 12" circular..
because these metal DPN Sucks and too slippery..!! I kept missing stitches..

2nd anniversary.


When I first met him at friend's graduation,
He had Lesley cheung's ' better tomorrow' hair cut and wearing cashmere 3 piece suit even though it was End of April in hot CA weather.
He kept looking at me sitting across table - and by awkwardness, I smiled & he ignored me.
On our first date, he ordered most expensive rolls on the menu and wanted me to eat more even though I was stuffed.
and kept feeding me..

On our third date, he said he will marry me & I though he was psycho.

He wasn't like anyone I had dated..
awkward.. & didn't know suave way to woo women..

But He loved me same through our 8 years together.
I still laugh at his stupid jokes & excited to see him every day..
and still gets butterfly..

Yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary
& 10 years and 6 month together..

We didn't go far out to celebrate
- out of fear of getting hit by thunderstorm & flash flood..
but had nice dinner & talk about our past..and future..

Love U DDOng²~~~~

수요일, 10월 12, 2005

Hate day

Have U had a day that you start hating everything you are knitting at the moment?
Suddenly Gauge seems all wrong, Yarn color aren't what you think you will wear, Pattern seems like nothing special for you to spend time creating..

I suddenly caught this weird illness..

It all started with this.
Whenever I knit.. & pattern states how many stitches should be on needles after certain decrease & increases..
I religiously count.. Sometimes counting every row..
until until end..

But ..

In some werid reason;; may be I was too confident.. or was it cry from deep end
not wanting to knit this pattern? why~~~

I didn't count.. ( now think of it.. not once on sleeve)
what?? what is wrong with this sleeve..

I was happy -- almost end of one sleeve till I realize & unroll curled edges..

heck? what is going on??

Why one side is longer??

now this sleeve is in a ball ( yes.. I unknitted).. and whole thing is in backburner.

Why all other knitting on progress looks bad!!

월요일, 10월 10, 2005

개죽이와 개벽이

한국 인터넷을 보다보면..
도대체 사람들이 뭔말을 하구 있는지 전혀 감이 오지않을때가 있다..

최근에 그런일이 있었으니.
이유는 바루

개죽이와 개벽이..

도대체 이것이 뭔지..

모르는 분들을 위하여..


진도견이 대나무에 매달려있는 모습으로 널리 알려지게 되었음. 지금은 햏자들의 상징이라 해도 과언이 아님. 한마디로 개가 대나무-죽을 잡고 있는 모습에서 생긴 사투리식 신조어.
-개가 나무에 힘겹게 매달려있는 모습으로, 본받을 만한 사람을 칭하기도함.
예문 : 개죽이 같은 사람





1)이룰수 없는 일을 이뤄내는 犬 혹은 人, 시공을 초월한 얼굴 내밀기를 가능케 하는 犬 혹은 人

2) 그룹에 동화되지 못하고 멀찌감치서서 물끄러미 바라보는 이.

* 개벽이 같은 - 아무데나 불쑥 튀어나오는 사람을 일컬음.

[참고] 개죽이 - 개벽이의 동생이자 라이벌 강이지.
(인디사이드에서 대나무를 타고 올라가는 강아지 사진에서 비롯됨.)

예문 : 앗 저기 벽에 개벽이!
개벽스럽게 뻘줌거리지 말고 이리와서 함께 놀자.
아이구... 이렇게 깜짝 튀어나오면 어떡하냐? 이런 개벽이같은 녀석!

While surfing Korean internet, frequently I come across some words that I don't understand ( even though I speak Koreann better than English) due to rapid changes in society & words..

One of the example was expression roughly translated--
'bambooo doggy' and 'Slatewall Doggy' which are used to describe a person who can be revered and follow by because they have done impossible and a person who suddely appears out of nowhere..

I finally figured out where these words are from and all are from above pictures - that some person posted on famous Korean community site & popularity spread..then it is history.

Pretz ~~

Time for little music & moving picture..
* Japanese Prez Commercial*

일요일, 10월 09, 2005

Little Lamb Lost

New handmade toy I made for my hubby
- He has soft spot for soft squeezable toy..
Not that he plays withit..
He puts it on his tummy and takes a nap on weekend..
Nap+Toy+Tummy= no idea what is the relation..-

Little Lamb with (again!!) Pom Pom scarf!!

Pattern is from Fall issue of Cotton & Paint
and it was really easy and enjoyable..
( love the magazine becuase it has so many good idea for craft &
every pattern for each projects)
Only downside of this pattern was I had to hand-sew everything because
size was really small to use sewing machine..

Little Lamb
Are U talking to me? eehh?

Little Lamb

New Knitting for October

For October.. I'm continuing Holiday projects and stashbuster for myself..
and my first big crochet - homefurnishing project..

I would like to finish all these soon - So I can start buy yarns & start These
for myself this winter!

Miss Maple from Rowan38 and

Texture Coat from Knitscene.

On my needles~~~

Crochet Dollies for contempo granny blanket
To make a blanket, I need to make 76 of this ..
That means.. It would probably take me till end of this year..uumm..

Blankberry from Knitty

Already started knitting first sleeves..
I'm start thinking I need to control my week knee on knitted bobbles..
whatever pattern it is if it has bobble & pom pom.. I fall over..
Why!!! I curse U Bobbles!!


Not the last..
another complicate project..Ene's Scarf.
On picture it looks like hairy pink tripe..
It will be a scarf with bits of lurex yarn accent!.


One holiday project down...8 more to go!

토요일, 10월 08, 2005

It's a good thing.

Love meeting friends & family..
Especially if it is Friday night..
for Dinner ( So I don't need to cook ; ) )
and drinks with good conversation!!!

Congratulation on your engagement!!


금요일, 10월 07, 2005

Is it possible in Knitwear?

When I started knitting again ( after my initial knitting experience from Junior high) - teaching myself AGAIN and ALONE from wonderful books like vogue knitting and Stitch & Bitch nation, I thought I will make all chunky sweaters, cardigan, coat that I could never bring myself to buy because of huge price tag..

At the time, I promised my hubby that
I will make turtle neck sweater He loves to wear..
But could never find perfect design..
This promise never kept.. And I been delaying and re-promising again& again..
( it isn't because of my laziness...
I just could not find good pattern he will love and cherish
- so He can actually wear & have slimming effect!)

I been stuck..
Turtle neck winter sweater.. Doesn't make him look fat..
And still geniously cover his cute tummy..


Recently While we were watching Cartoon Network,
This picky boy finally found a design he loves to wear..

What Cartoon Network???

Yes.. His design inspiration was on Naruto's Sasuke Uchiha.

Here are pictures..

Sasuke from the game
He is ninja!! and rival of our hero Naruto and wears
What is this??? Is this turtle Neck???

Can collar can stand like this without boning..
and is this possibly made in Knitwear??

My search for perfect male turtle neck sweater goes on.....

Uh o~~~~~~~

Have U Seen new Knitscene review??
When it's out announced on Interweave, I was really excited & ordered without hesitation..


Today when I saw review pictures..
I kind of disappointed.. ( I usually like everything..)

Here is 2 things that I like...& excited to make..


I have to wait to see actual magazine to really form my opinion..

Have U Seen Wonderful Stephanie's amazing FO pictures couple of days ago??
I been drooling & crying with awe..
Love everything she does.. If she publish her own book..
I will buy it in a heartbeat!
Here is the link
I didn't wanted to put pictures on my log without her authorization..

목요일, 10월 06, 2005

New changes

I'm changing blogskin & formet now..

Give me about a day or two
for me to run experiments
on both Mac & PC

See U Soon ~~~


I present to you Wonderful River.

You probably seen other blogger's
wonderful River FO & it's use as stoll, scarf, and even little shrug.

But river can also be used as fashionable disguise...
perfect for spying..


I even made petite bead cover scrunchy


too bad that I have made dumb decision using same color bead as yarn..
can hardly tell whether it is beaded..

My first elann yarn order have arrived this week & here is it ..
yarns for Contempo granny square blanket..


I have already made about 4 squares & realized I have miscalculated
yarn I need to finish desireable size.. Need to double my order..
but isn't it pretty color?
I was quite surprised ( happy surprise ) when I received the yarn..
Color was much better than I saw on screen & imagined..

and Additional photos of Lace leaf Pullover
Detail shots of sweater.. to show how each sleeve have different detail..
Right sleeve with Lace pattern & body and left sleeve with Leaf motif.

See Christine..
Aren't these cute??



수요일, 10월 05, 2005

Things To do today

Busy Busy...
After squeezing my brain for couple of days
to make storyboard for my hubby.. and
still doing it for today's 6pm final..
( oops.. am I blogging in this urgent state?)
I started to remember why I loved & excited
to graduate school..

If you hear me saying to young
'school year is best time of your life.. enjoy'
please warn me with BS BS BS signal..

This is precisely how I was whole week
Pic from here

일요일, 10월 02, 2005

Ready for Fall???

My Summer Knitting is done & I have started
ready for Little chilly weather' knitting little while ago..

I'm not sure when I can actually wear these wonderful
sweaters.. ( Probably around November??)
Because it is extremely hot over here due to Santa Ana Wind
( Have you seen news coverage of fire at Southern California?
Seems like all fires make weather hotter....)

Circular Shrug : from Craftster

Easy knit.....
just 5 inches of 2x2 rib on either ends and 20" of mock ribs
I was worried 20" of body might too long for my size --
after I tried it on... Wish I made body little longer..

Only additional thing for this shrug is
I have to find some good solid color brooch ~~~

circular shrug

Do you think color is weird??
I kind of getting liking the color ...
it is little bit of a ugly chic kind of feel~~

Lace Leaf Pullover : Loop D Loop

Love the design ...
even though it was sweater..
it was such fun & quick knit.( I kind of remember My other sweater
took me about 3 times more of knitting time)
When I checked other knitters... Many complained about
sweaters loose, saggy fitting - But I like this aspect..

It will be this fall's my favorite easy -throw on you when it is
little chill sweater~~


Does my grafting looks little better??
I tried to fix it couple of times & at least manage to
achieve decent front..

Next things on my knitting needles..
Bubble U-neck : Loop D Loop
Black Berry : Knitty
Ene's Scarf : Scarf Style..
Very Ambitious Aren't I??


I am very excited...
My first knitting with Lace weight yarn & first ever stole
River is almost over..(it is at the last repeat)
I am planning to finish main part this weekend.
and off to blocking~~~~~~~~~
( yes.. I will make little scrunchy thing with beads too)

I been waiting till weekend to take pictures of couple of
finished objects - Come now miracle photographer..work your magic for me!!

I took a shower today.. so I can look decent for my photoshoot ..
hehe ...See U tomorrow~~~

Another exciting story..
Nintendo Revolution story..
Yes. finally Nintendo presented new controller at the Tokyo game show 05
It looks kind of archaic psudo remote controller..
but It will be equiped with motion sensor & will be wireless..

Can you see Freedom of control & exciting new games???